Vanessa Hudgens feels like a "sexpot" in the right pair of jeans.

The 'High School Musical' actress is a huge fan of denim as she knows what the fabric can do for her figure if she finds the correct shape and size.

She told America's Glamour magazine: "Denim goes with anything. And if your jeans hug you the right way, you feel like a sexpot. And they get better with age!

"My favourites are my J Brand 10-inch skinny leg. They are cropped, but because I'm so short, they fit me perfectly!"

The 21-year-old beauty admits she's a bit obsessive when it comes to jeans and has an impressive amount in her wardrobe.

She said: "Oh my God. I have, like, probably 100 pairs."

As well as having jeans which showcase her figure to its full potential, Vanessa recently revealed her new exercise regime left her a killer body.

The stunning star wanted to get into tip-top shape for her role in action movie 'Sucker Punch' so enlisted the help of the US Navy SEALs, a Maritime Special Operations Force, but admits it was tough work.

She said: "I trained with the Navy SEALs for five months. It was the most intense thing that anyone could ever do.

"I was bawling my eyes out because they push you so hard. But it's amazing what you find from it. When you go so far you find a certain Zen within that and you know you can do anything. It's very empowering."