Vanessa Hudgens has revealed that working on her latest movie, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island has been a brilliant cardio workout for her. The High School Musical star arrived at the movie's premiere in Los Angeles wearing a floor length yellow satin gown and told reporters "It's good to keep your cardio up when you're running around all day, but nothing too crazy."

The action adventure film certainly seems to have kept her trim and she explains "You just show up to work and get put in these crazy scenarios and know you have a good stunt team behind you and you just kind of go for it." Journey 2: The Mysterious Island also stars Michael Caine, Josh Hutcherson and the action movie-regular, Dwayne Johnson and tells the story of a boy trying to track down his grandfather on a mysterious island. The reviews for the film, collated on the Rotten Tomatoes site suggest that it has not gone down well with the critics, with the Daily Telegraph review stating "It's probably best recommended to those who need to see Michael Caine mounting a giant bee"

Vanessa Hudgens also told the Press Association that her next big-screen venture will be "crazy" and "violent." She is scheduled to appear in Spring Breakers, alongside James Franco, Emma Roberts and SEENA GOMEZ, which is written and directed by the controversial filmmaker Harmony Korine. Hudgens told reporters "I'm really excited. It's my spring break experience and it's Harmony Korine's take on it, so it's going to be way crazy, extremely out there and very violent. It'll be fun." Spring Breakers is scheduled for release in 2013.