Vanessa Hudgens doesn't like partying.

The 24-year-old actress hasn't embraced the Hollywood night life while living in Los Angeles as she ''loathes'' clubs claiming they attract the wrong kind of people.

She said: ''I have never liked partying; I love dancing, but that's as far as it goes. It's tough because a lot of clubs are everything I loathe, especially in LA. They're always very ego-filled and people get up to mischief. It's just not a pure environment. I stay away from [drugs] because I know it's smart to steer clear.''

The brunette beauty - who is dating Austin Butler - will make exceptions for her friends if they are dealing with a tough split because she thinks it is her duty as a friend to ''go out and dance'' and drink wine to help them forget their troubles.

Speaking to Cosmo On Campus magazine, she explained: ''When a girlfriend is going through a break-up, you have to go out and dance. With your best friends, you've got to be there for them no matter what ... I love taking my girlfriends away from their worries and enjoying life with them. If there's a problem, a bottle of wine goes a long way.''

After a busy week of work, the 'Spring Breakers' star likes to unwind with some wine and chocolate and laze around at home.

She added: ''After a long week of filming - a glass of wine and a bit of chocolate makes me happy. And I love a theme party! Give me a theme and I will dress up like there's no tomorrow.''