Actress Vanessa Hudgens has been granted a restraining order against an African fan who was eager to marry her and become a movie star in Hollywood.

In documents obtained by, Junior Kabongo sent the High School Musical star a number of emails detailing his desire to wed her.

The correspondence included posts such as, "Hello, I love you and want to marry you," and, "God gave me a penis to make you feel like you never did every time when we'll make love."

In addition to his declaration of love to Hudgens, he also wrote, "I Write Screenplays. I wanna become a movie star."

Kabongo told his idol he had booked a flight from his native Africa to Los Angeles, and he was spotted driving up and down the street where she lives on the 1 and 4 November (14).

Hudgens took action against Kabongo and a Los Angeles judge has granted the actress a restraining order against him, which states the fan must stay 100 yards away from her, her younger sister Stella, and boyfriend Austin Butler.