Vanessa Hudgens was stunned when she was asked to sing at the audition for new movie BANDSLAM - because she thought she had proved her vocal abilities as the star of High School Musical.
The actress plays disgruntled teen musician Sa5m in the new film and was convinced she was among producers' top picks thanks to her role in the Disney franchise.
But she was surprised when she casting agents asked her to belt out a song.
She says, "I went to the audition without preparing a song and they were like, 'Okay, what are you going to sing for us?'... So they had a pile and I went through all of it and found Rehab by Amy Winehouse and sang that."
The 20 year old now admits she sees why casting directors had doubts, after realising how self-conscious she felt playing an angst-ridden teenage rocker.
She adds, "No (I was not comfortable). Not at all. I was completely awkward, and I think you can kind of tell in the performance, but it was perfect (for the character)."