Vanessa Hudgens refuses to draw attention to herself when she is out in public - because it only ever leads to negative comments from "haters" trying to bring her down.
The High School Musical star was launched into the spotlight when she landed the lead role opposite Zac Efron in the hit Disney film.
She was later at the centre of worldwide controversy when leaked full frontal photos of her made hit headlines in 2006.
Now Hudgens is adamant she tries to avoid attention when she is out in public, and refuses read what journalists and web bloggers write about her.
She tells Parade magazine, "I honestly try not to pay attention. I try to live my life, do what I want, and just let everything else follow along. I try not to read the blogs or what people say about me. Because that's what brings everybody down - no matter what you do, you're always going to have haters.
"I keep my head down. Usually I'll run around in hoodies, and I've got this massive head of hair, and I throw it all in my face so that nobody can see me."