Vanessa Hudgens has hit out at the "stupid people" who leaked nude photographs of her online last year (08).
The 19-year-old High School Musical star was devastated when the full frontal shots, she took to titilate boyfriend Zak Efron, appeared on the internet.
And she insists she has learned to get over the trauma - but still bears a grudge against the perpetrators.
Hudgens says, "I think people thought I took it lighter than I really did. For me, it was really tough because I'm a private person and for something like that to happen, it's so mean.
"(It was) horrible... it sucked. But thankfully it's over and it's in the past."
And she credits her fans and family with her recovery from the photo scandal: "My fans were amazing because they have stood by my side. They really are my core group. And my family's always there for me. I just surround myself with good people and try to think of good things."