Vanessa Hudgens is a fashion "freak".

The 'High School Musical' actress - who is in a long-term relationship with fellow actor Zac Efron - admits she loves to "load" items on when she gets dressed and plans to release an accessories line in the future.

She said: "I'm a freak when it comes to fashion and accessorising. I love putting things together and just loading it on.

"I think that me and my girlfriend are going to start a jewellery line and then slowly work our way into fashion. It'll happen but right now I want to focus more on film."

The 21-year-old star also reveals she is excited for the return of the flare legs because she has become bored of skinny-fit.

She told "I'm obsessed with flare legs and everyone has been wearing skinny so I'm excited that it's coming back."

Vanessa has previously revealed her love for denim, claiming it to be a great material to make you feel "like a sexpot".

She said: "Denim goes with anything. And if your jeans hug you the right way, you feel like sexpot. And they get better with age."