Vanessa Hudgens gets the "biggest rush" shooting weapons on her new movie.

The 'High School Musical' star confesses it was "exhilarating" to get behind a gun and take part in the action scenes for her new movie 'Sucker Punch', so much so her heart stopped beating with excitement.

She said: "Shooting the big guns is the most exhilarating feeling I've had in my entire life. I mean as soon as I go through a round of the 50 cal. my heart basically stops beating and I just get the biggest rush, it's incredible."

The Hollywood beauty - who recently broke up with long-term boyfriend Zac Efron - also revealed she loved training for the role of an all-action star because it helped her gain confidence.

She said: "think the great thing about all the training is that it gives you a new self-confidence. You take yourself to a new place you've never been before, mentally and physically."

The former teen star will next appear in action adventure 'Journey 2: The Mysterious Island'.