Vanessa Feltz wasn't looking in great shape as she was caught leaving British Broadcasting headquarters, the former television presenter and current radio DJ sporting a large hole in her right knee that she left following the finish of her show on Bbc Radio 2.
Feltz takes the early slot on Bbc Radio 2, hosting from 5am until 6:30am since January of this year, and it was this morning (November 18th 2011) she was seen leaving with the unsavoury blemish on her skin. Talking to the UK's Daily Mail, Feltz explained all, with the hole apparently being the result of a rather grizzly flesh eating bug. "I hurt my leg a few weeks ago and thought nothing of it. Then, the other day, it started feeling very odd - like a sausage that was about to burst." Though putting it in light hearted terms, things could've gone very awry for the 49 year-old, with the worst case scenario being that she may have had to have had her leg amputated, and in the end she went to have an operation; metal stitches still remain in the knee. 'I went to the doctor and was told it was cellulites," explained Feltz, "They gave me treatment, but I felt worse and worse. I had to have a chunk of skin cut out. It was nasty. I just needed to get it sorted."
The injury may jeopardise her plans to get married in 2011 to partner Ben Ofoedu, possibly forcing the wedding to be pushed back into next year.