Dorraine 'Dore' Williams has been diagnosed with stage three ovarian cancer and she underwent surgery to treat the disease on Thursday (23Apr15).

Her family members launched a crowdsourcing campaign on last week (ends24Apr15) in an effort to raise $15,000 (£9,375) to contribute to treatment fees, and by Monday (27Apr15), the Williams clan was less than $1,000 (£625) away from reaching its goal.

A message from Dore's sister reads: "I've been reading her your comments that you all have posted along with your donations and some on Facebook and they have touched us deeply. Your generosity has humbled us in a way we never could have imagined and the positive messages really are making a difference in keeping a strong attitude. Once again thank you all so much for the universal love you have shown so far!"

Dore is currently recovering from the surgery in a New York hospital's Intensive Care Unit, and her rocker husband is confident she will overcome the health setback.

In a post online, he writes, "Dore and I have been together forever. She is truly one of the coolest people you can know and my rock. She has always been a very positive person and is gearing up to kick the S**T out of cancer's a**!"