Van Wilder star Ryan Reynolds is terrified of flying after he went sky-diving and his parachute failed to open. The 30-year-old was traumatised by the incident and has found it hard to step onto an airplane ever since. He explains, "When I was 17 years old, I took a skydiving course and it was just awful, every second of it was just truly horrendous. "On my 13th jump, I jumped out of the plane and my chute failed. It came out the wrong way, I had to pull the reserve. "I got down on the ground, removed my urine-spackled jumpsuit and threw it at the guy and got in my car and drove extremely slowly home. It was the worst. Now I get on planes and I can't do it anymore. "The first thing that I think about when I get in the aircraft is I look around at all the people and think, I'm gonna die with these people. I think I should get to know everyone before we die.'"