Veteran singer Van Morrison has vowed never to embark on a punishing tour schedule ever again after experiencing how much more relaxed he is just playing a couple of nights each week.

The SAINT DOMINIC'S PREVIEW star refuses to tour continuously for months on end, instead preferring to play gigs throughout the year.

He says, "When I started out, I was touring all the time. I was out on the road for years, living out of a suitcase, and when I was off the road, I was living in hotels.

"After a while, when you've had some success and made a bit of money, you don't want to live like that any more.

"Now it might be easier for everyone if I went out on tour for a month, and then took a couple of months off, but the way I do it just happens to suit me. I wouldn't recommend that anyone else does it.

"I've got to the point financially where I don't have to go out for long tours, and that's why I schedule gigs the way I do."