Irish music legend Van Morrison has called the writers of his recent biographies "ignoramuses" and their sources "mentally unstable" in a scathing attack. The BROWN EYED GIRL singer is appalled at the lack of accurate information in several books written about him, and claims the people who claim to know about him only wanted their own names in the limelight. He says, "There are the people who write these so-called biographical books, who haven't done the research, and don't know enough about me in the first place. "I think the guys who wrote the last couple of books were complete ignoramuses, not qualified for the job. "If anybody told them anything, they believed it, they didn't question it. "A lot of the stuff that's been written about me has come from people from 30 or 40 years ago, who didn't really know me then, and have some kind of agenda of their own. "They didn't make it, so now they want to get their name in a book. They'll say anything. "Some of them, their mental state is questionable. I'd go so far as to say that some of the people who talk about me are actually mentally unstable. "But the authors don't mention that in their books."