Veteran rocker Van Morrison is shattering his mysterious image by writing an autobiography - because he's disgusted by the lies written about him throughout his 40 year career.

The BROWN EYED GIRL star fears his legacy has been damaged by false reports about his past lovers and claims he plagiarised many songs.

So he's working on a currently-untitled book to tell fans the truth about his life.

The 59-year-old says, "The main purpose is to dispel the myths, because those myths are too much to live up to.

"You get biographies which claim to be about me. They come up with stories and some of it's partial truth, some of it's completely made up. They interview people from years ago who know nothing about me now and probably didn't know much about me then.

"Then there's books that say things about my music, like they know where the songs have come from. I want to expose all that."

31/05/2005 09:26