Van Helsing beauty Josie Maran has unveiled a celebrity crush - on sexy singer Gwen Stefani.

The former model - who was once romantically linked to magician DAVID BLAINE - admits she would love to romance the No Doubt frontwoman and heart-throb actor Johnny Depp.

She says of Stefani and Depp, "I wanna merge them into one person.

"I actually don't wanna meet either of them - and I'm not gay! I don't really wanna meet them because they're so beautiful in my imagination that I think that would probably ruin it, 'cause people in real life are different."

And despite her claims never to have met Stefani, Maran has been in the presence of Stefani on a number of occasions.

She adds, "I went to her wedding, I've been to parties with her and I won't even say hi to her. I won't introduce myself."

The two also appear in the upcoming movie The Aviator.

15/08/2004 20:57