Van Helsing beauty Kate Beckinsale was proposed to by boyfriend Len Wiseman when he asked her to open a friend's birthday present for her - and found her won engagement ring inside.

Director Wiseman sprung the surprise on her at the party at the VICEROY HOTEL in Los Angeles, before the happy couple - who married earlier this month (MAY04) - headed off to a room to be by themselves.

Beckinsale, 30, says, "Len was holding the present and he goes, 'I'll give it to you instead', and I said, 'Why are you giving it to me?'

"But I opened it and the ring was inside. And that's when he asked me. He'd booked a suite upstairs and when I walked in, there were petals all over it and one of special songs - a Pete Yorn track - was playing."

27/05/2004 17:20