Rock legends Van Halen have put plans for a new album on hold - so the band's youngest member WOLFGANG VAN HALEN can finish high school.
Guitarist Eddie Van Halen pulled his son out of school in 2007 to tour with the band, as a bassist, when he was just 15 years old.
The teenager proved a huge hit and is now a full-time member of the Jump! group.
Van Halen wanted to follow the tour with a new studio album, but the band has vowed to wait until Wolfgang has graduated - so he can be a part of it.
Eddie Van Halen tells Hustler magazine, "We're just waiting for the right time. I took Wolfie out of school for a whole year to do the tour. It was just a bad time because the 11th grade is the year when they prep you for college.
"First he graduates, then we'll sit down, give (frontman) Dave (Lee Roth) a call and see if he feels like whooping and hollering a little bit. I've got a ton of music."
But Van Halen Sr. admits he's impatient for Wolfgang, now 17, to finish his education and join the family band: "Just a few weeks ago I almost yanked him out of school. But I do want him to graduate. The thing is, he already has a profession and a career that he's successful, talented and gifted at."