Former Van Halen star Sammy Hagar is $80 million (GBP40 million) richer after selling a controlling interest in his Cabo Wabo tequila to an Italian spirits company. Gruppo Campari bosses have bought 80 per cent of the business from the rocker, who founded the brand in 1996. Hagar says, "When I created Cabo Wabo, I never dreamed that it would be received so well by my fans and people who really love good tequila. "While I am proud of its success, it's time to let the world have a shot at the best tequila on the planet, and Campari can help take us there. "It was just such a small-time, little thing that I did, like a little hobby for fun, and that exploded, and I just had to grab on to it, and I've just been on this ride... It's like jumping on the back of a rocket ship and holding on for dear life."