Vampire Weekend took a road trip for their new album.

The indie band packed up their gear and travelled to Martha's Vineyard, an island South of Cape Cod in Massachusetts, to pen new tracks for their third album 'Modern Vampires of the City' when they ran out of creative inspiration, and journey which guided a brand new sound.

Singer Ezra Koenig said: ''That trip resulted in at least three songs for the album. We packed the van with a bunch of gear. I had a computer devoted just to recording plus a bunch of instruments.

''Then we just focused on writing for five days or so and came to a sort of conclusion. And I think we've made a record that maybe we might not have been capable of doing five years ago.

''Or tackling a feeling or a reference that we couldn't have done five years ago. So, it's not about improving but its about expanding the universe and finding something new to tackle.''

The band have often been criticized for their anti and 'uncool' reputation, but they have finally put the negative comments behind them thanks to the support of some A-list fans.

Ezra added: ''It used to drive us crazy... People who criticised ys knew nothing about us or what else we were doing.

''Hearing someone like Peter Gabriel rate you means something. All that other rubbish doesn't even register any more.''