Valleys Share Free Download Of 'Hounds - Mozart Sister Remix'

Valleys Share Free Download Of 'Hounds - Mozart Sister Remix'

Valleys are very pleased to give away a free download of Mozart's Sister's re-tooling of their phenomenal second single 'Hounds'. 

'Hounds' is the second single taken from Montreal based duo Valleys' sophomore album 'Are You Going to Stand There and Talk Weird All Night?' 'Hounds' features a softer side of the band, with Tille Perks' sweet vocals taking lead. She says: "The song is loosely based on an I Ching reading I threw after some of my friends and family members died in unrelated accidents around the same time. Though I asked about something frivolous, the response I got was: You are drowning. But don't despair; there are more important things than life."

Now, remixed by fellow Montreal artist Mozart's Sister, 'Hounds' is transformed into a gauzy dream where Tille's haunting vocals feel more like haunting whispers than sweet nothings. 

From its inception, Valleys have been always changing. From the quiet and exploratory preliminary years to the stormy experimentation of recent works, the duo has always had one foot in the pop realm and the other in the dirt. 'Are You Going To.' is the result of a year's worth of writing through unexpected loss and spiritual recovery.  Working with meditative and spatial elements, Valleys aims to blur the lines between noise, melody, repetition and space results in a dark, mysterious and cinematic quality to their sound.

Valleys' new album 'Are You Just Going to Stand There and Talk Weird All Night' is out now on Kanine Records. 

Listen to 'Hounds' Mozart Sister Remix here: