Valerie Bertinelli has no problem keeping her trim figure at Christmas since dropping 50 pounds (22.6 kilograms) in 2009 - she uses the holiday season to focus on losing even more weight.
The Hot In Cleveland star decided to get in shape and change her lifestyle before her 50th birthday two years ago, and reveals the holiday season is a perfect time to step up her exercise routine.
She tells, "You know what, I lose weight, not gain it, during the holidays. You have more days off, so you have more time to go to the gym and be active. I have so much more time to work out this time of year."
And Bertinelli, a former spokesmodel for weight loss firm Jenny Craig, spends so much time preparing festive feasts that she often loses her cravings for traditional treats.
She adds, "I'm spending hours running around cooking in the kitchen, and by the time it comes around to getting to eat, I don't even want to eat that turkey anymore, I'm sick of it. So keeping fit for me is easy this time of year."