VALENTINO's life could be turned into a musical.

The legendary designer - who was the subject of a documentary in 2009, entitled 'Valentino: The Last Emperor', giving fans an insight into his world - is in talks to help put together a Broadway show.

He told Italian newspaper La Repubblica: "We're looking at the possibility of taking my story to Broadway, as a musical."

The 79-year-old sartorialist also revealed how he wasn't initially impressed with the way he came across on the documentary.

He said: "I came across as a despot. The director had surprised Giancarlo Giammetti [Valentino's business partner] and me when we were arguing, which we always do in French. But then (at the end of the screening), the applause never stopped and I saw that people liked me as I am."

Shot two years before he left The Fashion house in 2008 after 45 years, the fly-on-the-wall film documented the his six luxury homes, 150-foor yacht and five pet pugs.

It also featured his famous temper - which he admits he doesn't care fans seeing - because it has made him who he is.

He reveals: "There were moments of anger, but I was completely myself from beginning to end. That's how I am. I wanted to show who I am, because I couldn't care less."