VALENTINO Garavani decided to retire because he felt he couldn't achieve anything more.

The iconic designer gave up the reigns of his fashion house in 2008 and while he was sad to be leaving, he knew it was the right decision.

He said: ''At the very last show, in 2008, I was very strong. I was happy, sad, but so full of excitement and quite proud.

''I stopped because I thought I had done enough. I did shows everywhere in the world. I dress so many women - movie stars, royalty, everybody - and I said: 'It's better to do it now.' ''

Valentino was famed for haute couture as well as his red designs and says he always preferred working the bright shade of red because it makes women stand out in a crowd.

He told the Metro newspaper: ''People love to see haute couture. It's something that makes people dream.

''Ladies love black because, when they are in a little black dress, they can go everywhere and feel comfortable. But, in the middle of this group of black, if one lady arrives in red, she is a vision.

''Because red is very becoming. It's full of life. And the red I chose, it's a red with a tiny bit of orange, that is good for brunettes, for blondes, for redheads.''