Actor Val Kilmer is working on plans to take his one-man show about beloved writer Mark Twain to Broadway.

The Batman Forever star has been staging his play Citizen Twain in various venues across the U.S. for over a year, and he is due to take the production to London's West End this autumn (13).

However, there is still one big stage Kilmer is keen to set foot on as the legendary storyteller.

Kilmer was asked about the possibility of staging the play on Broadway during an appearance on the New York-based Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Thursday (13Jun13), prompting him to reveal, "I've been meeting producers here. I'll do it here."

If Kilmer does secure a deal to take Citizen Twain to the Big Apple's famous theatre district, it will mark his first return to Broadway since 1983, when he performed in a production of Slab Boys.

The actor's play is part of his research for a planned movie he's writing about Mark Twain and his relationship with religious leader Mary Baker Eddy.