Hollywood superstar Val Kilmer has slammed long established reports he is impossible to work with.

The actor has hit out at claims he is a troublemaker on movie sets, insisting journalists have simply created the derogatory tag for him because they "can't figure me out".

He says, "Some extremely negative things have been said about me, but I don't think the people who like my films have been affected by that negativity.

"If I keep standing up and saying that I'm not the most hated man in Hollywood or whatever, then it sounds like I have something to hide, but I've got nothing to hide.

"A friend of mine observed recently that I was the only actor he could think of that Hollywood hadn't figured out yet.

"Maybe that's the only way they can figure me out, by portraying me as a bad guy, the troublemaker."

13/04/2004 17:59