Hollywood hunk Val Kilmer refused to star in a string of successful films in the 1980s, because he was "naive" and "shy".

After hitting the big time in 1986 movie Top Gun, Kilmer became a hot property in Hollywood, but turned down several good film roles.

Kilmer tells British gay magazine Attitude, "I was very naive when I was younger. I said 'no' to a ton of really wonderful directors and looking back now, I can't remember the reasons why.

"I said no to (ROBERT) ALTMAN twice, and David Lynch, although David Lynch I remember, because the second film I turned down was Blue Velvet, because it was really graphic and I was just too shy back then.

"Blue Velvet is a wonderful film. I had a crazy, crazy crush on her (ISABELLA ROSSELINI), so I would have done it for free."