Hollywood star Val Kilmer deliberately forgot his lines during love scenes with Angelina Jolie on the set of ALEXANDER - so he could spend more time in bed with the stunning actress.

Kilmer, 45, plays ALEXANDER THE GREAT's father PHILIP opposite Jolie as OLYMPIAS, and at the British premiere of the film earlier this week (begs03JAN05), Kilmer confessed he fluffed his lines on purpose.

He says, "My role consisted mostly of sharing a bed with Angelina and throwing her around in it, which is about as much fun as it is possible for a man to have.

"Don't tell her or Oliver Stone this, but when we were doing this really sexy bit, I kept messing up my lines on purpose. I would get right to the end of the scene and then mess up the last bit so we would have to do it again. I spent four months doing that all day and someone paid me millions of dollars for the pleasure."

07/01/2005 14:21