Producers of Val Kilmer's much-maligned musical theatre debut as MOSES in The Ten Commandments are already making cuts a week into its Los Angeles run.

The bosses behind the big-budget production have cancelled three performances of the show per week after receiving negative reviews, upon opening last week (ends01OCT04).

Producers claim the cuts are necessary to give cast and crew the chance to rehearse and make changes.

Producer CHARLES COHEN says, "Like any new show, our creative team is continuing to work and we've decided that it will be to our advantage to play six performances a week while we have our cast in rehearsal during the day in order to make changes."

The show has been blasted by reviewers, with The New York Times calling the production an "overproduced and underdirected musical".

But Cohen says he's "thrilled" with the audience's reaction, which includes standing ovations at every performance.

Kilmer, who voiced Moses in the Dreamworks' animated film THE PRINCE OF EGYPT in 1998, has had mixed reviews for his portrayal.

The producers still hope to take the show on the road after its Los Angeles run at the Kodak Theater.

05/10/2004 21:11