Hollywood superstar Val Kilmer credits his passion for acting with keeping him in the movie business, and blames a lack of film interest for sparking the end of many stars' screen careers.

The HEAT hunk is also convinced movie stars who are totally committed to the craft of acting will survive the pressures of fame and criticism, but those with a weaker resistance to the darker side of the industry will always fail - even if they're talented.

He says, "A lot of actors that are talented but don't really have the stomach for that stuff end up not involved in action any more.

"If you don't really have a fundamental interest in acting - which is really people, reflecting people - if you don't really have an affection for it, you kind of run out of steam.

"I mean, it's kind of true of every artist - it's why PICASSO kept coming up with new and interesting ways to look at the same object through his whole life, it was compulsive with him, the fascination with life, with design."

14/04/2004 17:55