THE DOORS star Val Kilmer has hit back at suggestions he is a nightmare to work with - insisting it's his characters that are difficult, not him.

The hunky Top Gun actor's on-set antics have been slammed by director JOHN FRANKENHEIMER and troubled actor Tom Sizemore, but he claims his bad reputation is unfair and unfounded.

He says, "Often I have been accused of being difficult, when in fact it's a difficult character that I'm playing. (Hollywood) confuses the two. I work hard. I don't know anybody who's good at their job who doesn't get into trouble."

However, the philosophical star is glad he's never been under the media spotlight like some celebrities, such as Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez.

He adds, "I've never been slammed for existing like some actors have. I've been lucky."

02/10/2003 17:13