Hollywood star Val Kilmer is being sued by a London gallery after he reportedly pulled out of an agreement to exhibit his photographs for the first time in Britain.

The actor had agreed to show photos he had taken behind the scenes of his latest movie Wonderland, in which he plays famous seventies porn star JOHN HOLMES, at Camden's PROUD GALLERY.

However, gallery owner ALEX PROUD says he has launched a six-figure suit against Kilmer for pulling out of the show, due to begin on 1 April (04), at the last minute.

Proud says, "Val Kilmer has undoubtedly breached his contract we had by unilaterally deciding to pull out of the show. It's going to cost us a lot of money and we are pursuing him legally.

"He says he wants to concentrate on another film but heaven only knows why he can't also deliver the exhibition.

"I'm obviously pretty disappointed because it would have been exciting, but that's Hollywood scruples and morality for you."

15/03/2004 17:07