Val Kilmer was handed the job of voicing the new Knight Rider car when producers learned funnyman Will Arnett had a truck commercial deal that would prevent him from playing K.I.T. on TV.
Arrested Development star Arnett won the role on the upcoming TV remake of David Hasselhoff's speedy 1980s series, but was forced to step down because of his ties to GMC Trucks.
And Kilmer, a fan of the original series, was asked to step in and become the motor mouth of the project.
The Doors star says, "Will Arnett was seen on a car commercial and the producers found out that his voice was owned by that car company. They found out by accident.
"So I get the call from my agent, who asked me if I wanted to be the voice of K.I.T. I remembered that show and it was fun when I was a kid, so I said, 'Sure, should I do a tape?'
"My agent said, 'No, it's not an audition, they're offering it to you.' I had to be on set at 7am the next morning.