Movie star Val Kilmer is writing a screenplay about the founder of the Christian Science movement.

THE DOORS star, himself a follower of the religion, insists MARY BAKER EDDY's life story is amazing and he wants to bring it to the big screen.

He says, "Her first husband died. Her own family took her son away from her. She marries a guy because he promises to get the son back, and then he doesn't.

"She meets a homeopathic guy who's probably more of a mesmerist hypnotist. For the first time in her life, at 42-years-old, she's feeling good. But then she slips on the ice and breaks every bone in her body.

"The doctor and the priest say she should be dead but she has this experience while she's praying and she gets up... She spent all this time trying to articulate what had happened to her.

"She lived until she was 90 and became the most famous lady in the United States."

23/06/2005 02:45