Movie star Val Kilmer is beginning to think he can get whatever he wants if he sings about it - after luring Lou Reed to his New Mexico ranch. The Doors star is recording his first album and penned a tribute to Reed only to discover the former Velvet Underground frontman and his partner LAURIE ANDERSON had booked a fly fishing holiday on his 6,000-acre estate. Kilmer explains, "I was listening to David Essex's ROCK ON... and out of nowhere it just says 'Jimmy Dean' in one of the lyrics, who wasn't a rock 'n' roller but he was a rebel and sort of makes sense in the song. "I was thinking about it and I called my writing partner and I said, 'I was just thinking about what's cool, who's cool... How about Lou Reed?' "So we wrote the song and it's a very nice song and then, out of nowhere, he came to the ranch, so I'm gonna write a song called lots and lots and lots of money." Kilmer was initially too timid to tell Reed he'd written a song about him, but realised it's the ultimate tribute after punky pop act BOWLING FOR SOUP wrote a song about the actor. He jokes, "I was very flattered and then I met them... It's a good song."