Actor Val Kilmer has been ordered to apologise to British bus drivers after he accused them of being drug addicts.

The TOP SECRET star is currently in London during his stint in West End play THE POSTMAN ALWAYS RINGS TWICE, but he has incurred the wrath of THE TRANSPORT AND GENERAL WORKERS' UNION (TGWU) by joking he doesn't trust them to drive him because they all take crack cocaine.

He said, "It's so easy to get round this town on a bike, but the traffic can be really hectic, and your bus drivers are definitely on crack."

But a spokesman for TGWU fumes, "I'd have thought Hollywood stars would know more about crack cocaine than bus drivers.

"Still, I'm sure that my courteous members will brake for Val Kilmer, if he should chance to wobble in their path. I hope he's sorry."

16/05/2005 13:44