Actor Val Kilmer reportedly raked in a small fortune at a Los Angeles autograph show last weekend (4/5OCT03) - by making fans pay to get their picture taken with him.

According to the PAGE SIX website, Kilmer charged $50 (GBP31) a go to pose with and sign autographs for smitten fans at the HOLLYWOOD COLLECTORS + CELEBRITY SHOW in the humble BEVERLY GARLAND'S HOLIDAY INN.

The one-time BATMAN star made between $60,000 (GBP37,500) and $100,000 (GBP62,500) for just two days work, according to Page Six sources.

Kilmer, who is promoting his new movie Wonderland, commented, "They're always calling me to do these things. I've done a few things like this before. Wonderland is a small movie and I'm really out here to get some press for that."

Not all stars at the show had a good time - The Birds actress TIPPI HEDREN, mother of Melanie Griffith and sometime muse to Alfred Hitchcock, said one fan "went ballistic" when she drew her bird-motif autograph on a still from another Hitchcock film, MARNIE. Another fan snapped at her for smudging an autograph.

She admitted, "I find it fascinating that so many people are obsessed with celebrities. I also find it frightening."

09/10/2003 17:31