Eccentric movie star Val Kilmer is planning to take Hollywood to Russia, after being tempted to make movies there by the country's wealthy elite.

The actor, who played Jim Morrison in The Doors, has just returned from a fact-finding trip to Russia, where he's hoping to develop a movie based on MIKHAIL YUREVICH LERMONTOV's A HERO OF OUR TIME novel and he can't wait to return.

Kilmer admits he initially worried that Russia wouldn't be a safe place for him to make movies, but he quickly changed his mind.

He explains, "The first thing I asked was, 'Is it safer here now?' and I was told, 'Yeah, they've killed everyone and it's fine now.'

"I knew two billionaires before I got there, now I know six. Three of them were at one meal with me. It's crazy money there. They really love movies and they want to make movies now, so I'm going there."

15/09/2003 09:22