Eccentric movie star Val Kilmer has turned his shocking new movie Wonderland into a piece of art.

The actor hired photographer ALI ALBORZI (corr) to capture stolen moments on the set for a planned photo book on the making of the film, about porn star JOHN HOLMES, but he was so impressed with the pictures, he's turning them into an exhibition.

Alborzi took candid shots of Kilmer and co-stars Kate Bosworth, Josh Lucas and Lisa Kudrow. THE DOORS star Kilmer added notes, bloody handprints, syringes and gory skulls in a bid to capture the filmmaking experience.

Kilmer says, "Ali has a great eye for watching people and capturing a moment, which can be difficult on a film like this because there were so many different personalities on the set.It's obvious that everyone felt comfortable around him."

Director James Cox admits he was amazed with Kilmer and Alborzi's work: "They turned Val's trailer into a giant art piece. It was insane."

The Wonderland exhibition will be unveiled at HEADQUARTERS in Los Angeles next month (SEP03).

29/08/2003 01:45