Val Kilmer is furious a documentary about an unreleased movie he filmed nine years ago is to be released.

French producer PHILLIPPE CALAND will release his autobiographical film HOLLYWOOD BUDDHA about a film-maker's attempts to place Kilmer's $3 million (GBP1.5 million) 1996 movie DEAD GIRL with a major distributor.

Caland, the son of a wealthy financier, says, "I showed Val Kilmer Hollywood Buddha, and I discussed with him the possibility that I may still be releasing Dead Girl.

"He seemed a bit nervous about it. But there's no battle. It's very clear that I have the right to release it whenever I want. This movie was a process that happened on my own time and my own dime.

"I completed it last year, after working on it during the weekends. It cost less than $1 million. It was rather unstructured and unorthodox."

11/02/2005 17:32