Val Kilmer blames himself for his years in the Hollywood wilderness, because he didn't send Christmas cards to the right directors. After setting the movie scene alight in the 1990s, Kilmer's career tailed off abruptly. And the actor - currently experiencing a mini-revival - admits he is completely to blame. The 46-year-old says, "I really didn't take the business as seriously as a professional as I should have. We are all sensitive and I didn't realise how sensitive we are. People like getting Christmas cards you know. "You just don't turn down certain directors. You just don't. I didn't realise how precious time is. I thought I could work with them again, when I turned them down. "I now realise I won't get another chance. I've turned down a lot of roles. The Insider is one. And I turned down The Matrix, Laurence Fishburne's role."