Hollywood hunk Val Kilmer has criticised the media fascination with Paris Hilton, because he believes the socialite is "famous for nothing".

The hotel heiress found international fame in late 2003 after a sex tape featuring her and ex-boyfriend RICK SALOMON was leaked onto the internet and has since starred in reality TV show The Simple Life, enjoyed roles in Hollywood movies, written a book and released a fragrance.

Kilmer tells British gay magazine Attitude, "It seems like it's (the notion of celebrity) more extreme than ever now. If you don't look a certain way, or you're not on the front cover all of the time, then you're no one.

"Paris Hilton is a great example. She's famous for nothing. It's what we are celebrating in my country - the nothingness of her fame.

"She's fine with it of course - she made $100 million last year."

Despite Kilmer's distaste for Hilton, she had a brief role in his 2003 film Wonderland.