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The person who wrote this story should be shot. This album is brillant, and all other songs associated with it are to. (for example Alex Vargas - Bored Little Rich Girl). If the person who wrote this had any real musical taste then they will know a good band when they hear one. Please support Vagabond and Alex Vargas. All their songs are the best ever, and i don't know why they haven't hit the big time yet. SUPPORT ALEX VARGAS.

Posted 7 years 8 months ago by Thomas R

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I must say that this review is, as Mr LAI wrote, "ABYSMAL"...if you have any sense of good music, then you will enjoy this album, i took my fiancee to see Vagabond on 17/08/2009 and they were amazing, no two ways about it, simply to the writing style of the reviewer, or should i say Critic?? hmmm...this guy didn't want the album to be good from the start by the way he words this...take it from someone who has got the album, who has been to see them and has at least a good taste in music, Vagabond are amazing and The Daily Mail, who must i add, are not easy to please, even said, and i quote: "Vagabond could be the worlds biggest band in 5 years"...nuff said i think...GET THIS ALBUM!!!!

Posted 8 years 2 months ago by RJLmusicLIVES

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