Hollywood film-maker Vadim Perelman has hit back at claims he hurled a chair at the head of a Discovery Channel writer in a fit of rage. RENAE GARCIA alleges the House of Sand and Fog director assaulted her at his Venice Beach, California home in January (06), just hours after they met in a bar, because she neglected him. She tells PageSix.com, "He was, like, 'I've never been treated so rudely in my own house! You left me alone!' "Then he picked up a dining-room chair and threw it at my head. "I grabbed my things... I seriously didn't think he would let me leave, but he did. I was really upset and started crying. I was totally blind-sided. It was just this instant change in his personality." However, Perelman's lawyer, PAUL CALLAN, insists the story is totally fabricated: "Renae Garcia's claims regarding an attempted assault with a chair by Vadim Perelman are utterly false and slanderous." Perelman is due in court on October (06) to answer separate charges of groping two women and punching another in a Connecticut nightclub in July (06).