Provocative radio ads for Uwe Boll's new horror film POSTAL have been banned by stations in his native Germany - because he jokes profits from the movie will help to fund Osama Bin Laden's terrorism plans. Radio bosses are afraid that listeners will take the satirical promotions in a literal context. In one commercial an actor parodies Bin Laden and informs the audience that five per cent of the box-office receipts will be used to support Al-Qaeda. But angry Boll has lashed out at the radio executives, alleging they think listeners are dumb. He rages, "No German would be so naive and stupid as to believe that Bin Laden is talking in German via a German radio station. "This is a huge scandal and definitely the wrong signal as this self-censorship only helps these religious fanatics gain control. Tolerance as well as art, freedom of speech and freedom of expression has always been one of the strong pillars of strong democracies." Boll is very disappointed that Germany repeatedly tries to self-censor controversial satire, afraid of violent reactions by Islamic protesters. He adds, "In 2006 a German opera in Berlin stopped showing a hugely controversial version of Mozart's Indomeneo because they were afraid of reactions by Islamic fanatics. "This self-censorship caused an enormous commotion throughout Germany as many feared democratic principles and freedom of speech were undermined. And here it is again."