R+B heart-throb Usher is desperate to form a closer relationship with his mother, even though he describes her as the main woman in his life.

The POP YA COLLAR singer's mum JONETTA PATTON is his manager, but he still believes their personal bond needs strengthening.

Usher, 25, currently dating TLC beauty Rozonda 'Chilli' Thomas, says, "I want to have a better relationship with my mom. With 10 years of sacrifice and dedication, I can't discredit her for what she's done, but there are times I really want to talk to my mother, not my manager, and it's hard to get to that person.

"I'm so fortunate to have her in my life. I have to figure out a way to work on our relationship, but right now I need her in my life just as support.

"I'm up against so much s**t: as a businessman, balancing my finances, being able to take care of a household without actually being there, helping my brother develop himself as a producer or whatever his ambition is in life, my relationship. Having all those stresses, you've got to have someone to go and talk to - and who better than your flesh and blood?"

Jonetta has her own ideas about the situation - she explains, "I don't think he's a mama's boy. But people have said he was, and I think that bothers him. That's why he's so rebellious with me sometimes."

03/11/2003 09:19