R+B star Usher is proud to have welcomed his first child at the age of 29 - because he wants to be young and healthy while raising his kids.
The singer's wife Tameka Foster gave birth to the couple's first baby Usher Raymond V in November (07) and they hope to expand their family in the future.
And Usher is delighted to have become a father in his twenties.
He tells People.com, "That's something to be proud of. I'm so proud to be a father by the time I'm 30. I'd hate to be 80 years old and not be able to run with my kids. I need to still be able to do back flips when they're in high school!"
And Usher admits that his eight-month-old son is already copying his dance moves.
He adds, "(He is) already trying (to do flips). He's a pull-up master."