The Yeah! hitmaker filed papers against Darshelle Jones-Rakestraw on 14 May (15) at Fulton County Superior Court in Atlanta, claiming she had been harassing members of his team both on public and private property and has become "increasingly more threatening".

According to the legal documents, Jones-Rakestraw attempted to "extort money from his representative" in November (14) by posing as an official from his charitable foundation, Usher's New Look.

She then reportedly demanded the singer's lawyer call the star to send her money, allegedly vowing, "I'm not playing with him. I'm tired of the games. If I can't eat, he can't eat."

Jones-Rakestraw is also said to have sent a message to Usher's security team prior to a gig in Washington, D.C., warning she was going to "get him" unless she received her money.

Usher is seeking a protective order to keep the woman at least 200 yards (182 metres) away from his home, his family, his places of work and his employees, according to

The star has a long list of complaints against Jones-Rakestraw, who he first sought protection from in July, 2012, after she was twice arrested for trespassing at his home and claiming to be his wife. She was banned from contacting the singer for a year and was ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation, but failed to do so and ended up spending 20 days behind bars.