Usher's ex wife insists he cheated on her.

While the 'Burn' singer has denied claims he was unfaithful to Tameka Foster during their marriage, she alleges he confessed one incident of infidelity to her after she accused him of seeing two different women.

Tameka told 'Entertainment Tonight': ''He admitted to sleeping with one of the two. It was a very disappointing revelation. I had suspected it for some time. I hate to say it, but I somewhat empathise with her. ... She fell into somewhat of a trap.''

Tameka recently lost custody of the two children to Usher, and he has said their bitter court battle over the kids means they are unlikely to ever be close again.

He recently explained: ''We don't see eye-to-eye. The friend that I was to Tameka, I don't know that I could ever be again, because I really felt like we were friends. She made us enemies in a way that I could never have understood. It wasn't until I was on the stand, where I cried, that I realised, 'Oh this is an attack.' ''