Usher has found love with rapper rival Xzibit's former fiancee - the ultimate revenge after Xzibit questioned his sexuality in front of millions of TV viewers.

The YOU MAKE ME WANNA singer is dating EISHIA BRIGHTWELL much to the fury of Xzibit who introduced Usher at the MTV Europe Awards in Rome last November (04) as, 'The next artist has had a massive year - but so has QUEER EYE FOR THE STRAIGHT GUY'.

A source tells British newspaper the DAILY STAR, "Usher's having the last laugh over Xzibit and is really rubbing his face in it, as Eishia wasn't just another girl to Xzibit. They were engaged. They were really close - but now Ush has taken Xzibit's girl.

"He had heard that Usher had met up with Eishia before the MTV awards - which is the reason why he made his original comments. Some people are saying that Xzibit and Eishia actually split because of Usher.

"But the truth is it was finished before he came on the scene. And Usher's got some songs inspired by her, too. Xzibit's really hurting over this because Eishia was the love of his life."

08/05/2005 10:56